Sofia Giliberti

Année de début de pratique
Année de début d'enseignement
Sofia Giliberti

I started teaching CI in 2010 in Rio de Janeiro where I lived until 2019. Dance Movement Therapist since 2009, trained in DanceAbility and therapy through movement. I started studying CI in 2005, since then I have attended intensive courses with Nancy Stark Smith, Ray Chung, Martin Keogh, Kirstie Simson, Mirva Makinen, Angela Doniy, Lisa Nelson, Alito Alessi, Ralf Jaroschinski, Ricardo neves, Diogo Granato, Roberto Lun, Leilani Weis, Camillo Vacalebre, Bruno Caverna and others. I am interested in researching the individual and relational movement, focusing on listening the present moment in order to create collective improvisations that include any type of person. It fascinates me how bodies interact with weight and gravity, impact and tension, the potential for a clash of opposing forces that find dialogue, disharmony and harmony. It intrigues me to collectively reflect on CI and find new forms of communication, verbal and non-verbal, based on listening, non-violent communication (CNV), transparency.


Enseignants-es importants-es
Nancy Stark Smith, Martin Keogh, Kirstie Simson, Mirva Makinen, Angela Doniy, Diogo Granato, Roberto Lun, Ray Chung, Lisa Nelson, Alito Alessi, Tica Lemos, Camillo Vaccalebre