Mathilde Monfreux

Année de début de pratique
Année de début d'enseignement
Mathilde Monfreux

Mathilde Monfreux is a French CI teacher, living south of France, in Marseille.
She had her first full deep immersion in Performance and Contact Improvisation in San Francisco more than 20 years ago– and has then been influenced by many encounters within workshops in different countries.

Her education in dance is influenced by :
- Post Modern Dance Performance, Contact-Improvisation, and Composition.
She tooked workshop with Patricia Kuypers, Didier Silhol, Lisa Nelson, Mark Tompkins, Keith Henessy, Rosalind Crisp, Benoit Lachambre, Nancy Smart Smith, Ray Chung…

But her approach, is definitely singular, made of her professionnal perfomer experience
during many years as a dancer within circus company, as Camille Boitel , and as a performer in relation with several Visual Artist .
She picks up from improvisation experience presence, energy and freedom of movement which support her in different pieces and nourishes also her practice with voice.

Enseignants-es importants-es
Didier Silhol Patricia Kuypers Brenton Cheng Kirstie Simson Ray Chung Nancy Stark Smith Lisa Nelson Mark Tompkins Keith Hennessy