Contact Silence End of Summer Retreat 2022

31 sie 2022 -  9 wrz 2022
31 sie 2022 @ 12.00 am 9 wrz 2022 @ 12.00 am
Monterosi - , Arezzo, Italy - Show map
Contact Silence End of Summer Retreat 2022 - Monterosi - Arezzo, Italy

The retreat is designed for people with sufficient experience in contact improvisation who are already familiar with jam and who have the desire to discover or deepen its meditative/ contemplative side.

The Silence
The practice area will always be silent, with some exceptions. In the rest of the retreat area you can talk, but from the beginning of the evening jam we will keep silence in all areas of the retreat until breakfast.

Jam will be the main exploration space. In the evening jam a musician will accompany us.

The Talking Circle
Sitting in the Talking Circle we will listen to what everyone wants to share, if they feel the need. We will get to know each other. It will be interesting to hear words that come from silence....

Nature, Meditation
We will dance, meditate, we will circle together. If you have never meditated, don't worry: the focalizers will give you the indications to better enjoy the experience.

Focalizers and the Workshop
There will be no teachers but expert contact and meditation practitioners, the Focalizers, who will accompany the group ensuring their presence in the jam and meditations and together they will elaborate the proposal of the afternoon workshop, which may or may not include contact.