Hazal Kaya

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Hazal Kaya

Her dream was being a belly dancer when she was a child, but she has forgotten it and she graduated on her profession in 2009, which also helps in her artistic development. She worked as an architect in various offices. Later, she devoted herself to ecological architecture, but since she could not make an ecological architecture as her desire she talked with her unhappy innerchiled and remembered her patient of dance. She made a research in Istanbul and she met with Contact Improvisation at ÇATI (Contemporary Dance Artists Association) in 2013. Her dance adventure started in the first year by participating in Contact Improvisation workshops directed by Defne Erdur within the ÇATI. Later than she continued to participate dance/movement workshops both in Turkey and abroad.

She also participated workshops of different disciplines (Butoh, Axis Syllabus, CI, Contemporary Dance, etc.) organized mainly by ÇATI, as well as ÇAK and ImPulsTanz festival in 2016. After a 4-years dance (mainly Contact improvisation) experience, Hazal discovered that there was no excuse to not able to dance. So with the intention to prove it, she started to publish dance videos under Peacedance Instagram account at the end of 2017. So she started to six-month Latin American journey adventure with dance and art focus. Throughout the journey, she participated 3 Contact Improvisation festivals, 1 month regular contact improvisation workshops and countless CI-JAMs. Dance and movement studies are ongoing with physiotherapists, body therapists, contemporary dancers and playmates who are reluctant to Contact Improvisation. At the moment, she continue to share her CI experience in Ankara with the supervision of Defne Erdur, at the Contact Improvisation jam and workshops.

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Hazal Kaya
Ankara, Turkey