Christine Cole

United States
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Christine Cole

Christine Cole, the founder and director of Somatic Body Training Program, is an expert in the embodiment and dance improvisation. On the leading edge of research about somatic movement education she displays a radical trust in embodied experience as the primary way for groups to co-create knowledge. As a result of over 35 years of engaging deeply in learning and teaching the somatic body practices of Body-Mind Centering®, Contact Improvisation, and bodywork, Christine clearly embodies the material she has evolved and models a deep understanding of how the body's systems change in various developmental stages. A teacher of Body-Mind Centering®, and Practitioner of Integrative Acupressure and Infinity Healing, she has taught at the School for Body-Mind Centering® in Amherst and Amsterdam, Holland, and runs her own trainings in Boston, Vermont, Montreal and Northampton, MA. Christine has long term practices in Contact Improvisation, Post-Modern and Improvisational Dance Performances , Authentic movement, Improvisational Theater, writing and vocal training