Ksenia Isaeva

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Ksenia Isaeva (Rus) 9 years ago I met CI and step by step it pulled me in completely.. I live in Moscow - so I am part of CI community there, organising classes, jams, trainings of CI. I travel a lot. Mostly following the dance and particular dance spirit - Angelica Doniy, assisting and dancing together. I've been teaching CI in Russia, Goa, France, Germany, Italy, Northern Ireland, Argentina, Brazil. I love dancing CI, to learn continiously from different teachers and dancers from all over the world, to teach and organize CI events. I am very inspired by such practices as Authentic movement, bodywork, somatiques, dance in the nature. I feel it nourish my contact dance a lot. In 2018 I organised in Russia and finished one-year program of Teachers Training, in the Institute for Holistic Dance and Movement pedagogy of Sabine Parzer. My current interest in CI: How to open the field of experiment and exploration in CI and.. be able to let it all go, when you fall in pure energy of the dance.

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Anjelica Doniy, Martin Keogh, Sabine Parzer, Steve Batts, Benno Voorham, Andrew Harwood, Otto Akkanen