Masha Grudskaya

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Masha Grudskaya

Has practiced CI, dance and somatic movement for over 15 years. Around 10 years has been teaching CI and since 2016 is a somatic therapist if IBMT Institute (UK). Co-organizer of IBMT Program in Russia, CI Center in Moscow and international CI festivals. Teaches in Russia and around the world – Europe, Israel, Thailand, Japan. Co-organizer of Creative Farm «Bobry» in the Moscow Region.

In Somatic Movement and Contact Improvisation, I find a great resource for life, work, and dance. I live partly on the forest farm, partly in the big city and my natural interest is how body and mind live in nature in direct interaction with the earth, water, air, and other elements, how the experience in nature and in the city differ, how adaptation and recharge happen in the body-mind.