Harmandeep Singh

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Harmandeep Singh

I am a Contact Improvisation practitioner and facilitator who comes from a technical background of building mobile apps and websites. I studied Electronics And Instrumentation Engineering, earned living as a software developer and much later, got introduced and immersed into the experience and exploration of art and body movement. I hold no certified learning or background in dance or any practice related to body. Yet I was moved by the practice of Contact Improvisation 4 years ago and got deeply touched by it. Contact Improvisation brought dance along with many other colours in my life.

Since the beginning of my journey with Contact Improvisation, my body has experienced other movement practices which stem in and out of Contact Improvisation, which includes contemporary dance floor work, somatic practices, body work etc. I am also fascinated by the art of facilitating, creating and holding spaces for collaborations of various art forms and practices with Contact Improvisation. I am inspired to explore existing and new applications of Contact Improvisation in different aspects of life as an experience. I like to travel to different places, spaces and cultures while sharing the practice of Contact Improvisation along the way.

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