Cecilia Nesler

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Cecilia Nesler

Cecilia Nesler is a polyglot of South Tyrolean-Italian origin in constant search of the best psycho-body and artistic expression. She initially studied Development Cooperation and was active in the pedagogical field, but her path changed course as soon as she encountered dance. The world of contemporary dance, in which she immersed herself during her years in Vienna (Austria), however, did not fully satisfy her. She thus begins to search for other approaches to movement. She found different practices such as Axis Syllabus, Klein Technique, Instant Composition and Body Mind Centering, which opened up new horizons for her. When she finally meets Contact Improvisation, she feels that this is the way to go. She then studied Contact Improvisation and Authentic Movement with Sabine Parzer and later also trained in dance pedagogy in Leipzig (Germany). She continues to deepen and share with great passion the practice of C. I. with various teachers in different European countries.

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