Natascha Golubtsova

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Natascha Golubtsova

I've been growing, researching, and creating in dance since 2006. I started in Russia with contemporary dance and contact improvisation; After that – when I already moved to Bulgaria and later to Germany – Authentic Movement, Butoh, The Axis Syllabus, Feldenkrais, and Ilan Lev Method as well as Body-Mind-Centering, dance improvisation, and instant composition grew into my background and have nourished my dance art until now.

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I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all my teachers, who have shaped me as a person and dance artist and who continue to inspire my dance and teaching, in particular: Andrew Wass (Dance and Contact Improvisation), Dolores Dewhurst Marks (Dance & Performance in nature), Elske Seidel (Dance in nature and water), Frey Faust (The Axis Syllabus), Irmgard Halstrup (Authentic Movement), Georgi Popov (Feldenkrais), Joerg Hassmann (Contact Improvisation), Julyen Hamilton (Instant Composition), Katya Mustonen (Contact Improvisation), Katya Basalaeva (Contact Improvisation), Kira Kirsch (The Axis Syllabus), Martin Keogh (Contact Improvisation), Nita Little (Contact Improvisation), Nina Martin (Movement Improvisation, Ensemble Thinking), Robie Legros (Instant Composition), Sabin Parzer (Contact Improvisation), Sasha Dodo (Contact Improvisation, Performance, and Poetry), Sigrid Bohlens (BMC; Dance Improvisation), Yaniv Mintzer (Contact Improvisation, Ilan Lev Method).

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Natascha Golubtsova
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Hamburg, Germany