Nica Portavia

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I was Born in Fano in 1983. I started dancing as child at the ballet school of Paola Furlani and at 12 I started with the theater attending the school Of The Stable Theater of Fano (PU) directed by Fabrizio Bartolucci. After high school I moved to Bologna to attend the university of Classic Letters and phylology and the dance academy called Arte Danza. In Bologna I met Anna Albertarelli and I fell in love with her material about physical theatre and dance. With her I discovered CI that has become the language that belongs to me. I started to travel and study with a lot of different teachers all over the world. I teach weekly classes in Bologna, and I have partecipated to a lot of festivals. I taught in France, Germany, Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Argentina. Since the first edition I was in the helping team of Italy Contact Camp. Sine two years I'm one of the organizers of Italy Contact Fest ( Italian festival of CI)

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Leilani Weiss, Anjelika Doney, Charlie Morrissey, Martin Keogh, Linda Bufali, Alex Guex.

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Eszter Gal, Karl Frost, Nica Portavia, Stephanie Maher, Tamara Maksymenko, Yu Gen, Alexander Kosko
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