Nicholas Travers

United States
Ano que começou a praticar
Ano que começou a ensinar
Nicholas Travers

born 1990, they grew up with movement and dance on the periphery. While studying mythology and engineering Nicholas stepped into contact improvisation - and has regularly practiced since 2011. Nicholas is a questioning deep thinker and playful observer. Nature bound, you may find Nicholas in water and trees and sunlight. You may also find Nicholas harvesting, deep in a book, with a camera, sitting, making a mess in the kitchen, or running errands on a bike. Nicholas has enjoyed pollinating and harvesting pockets of contact improvisation across North America and parts of Europe. Nicholas brings an embodiment of serious play to this and other somatic explorations; and has particular interests in neurobiology, how we begin, listening, exploring trios, and ensemble.

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Alicia Grayson, Ralph Jaroschinski, Christine Maxwell, Logarmund Nathramundi, Mark Young, Lesley Greco, Guru Suraj, Hanna Krafcik, Emily Jones, Leeland Hull, Adriana Michalska, and many of you . . .