André Soares [No'An]

Ano que começou a praticar
Ano que começou a ensinar

André Soares [No'An] investigates Presence and improvisation through Performative practices, integrating Art, Therapy and Dance as spaces of symbiotic relationship. Graduated in Design and Contemporary Dance, Post-graduated in Physical Theatre, Master in Choreography ~ New Performative Practices.

He collaborates internationally in different platforms and projects not institutional and institutional.

Creator of : Practising Be{ings} and Vocalising Be{Ings}

His work is present in Europe, India and Thailand.

André Soares operates through choreography and visuals, objects, light, sound and sculpture mediums for/with human bodies and other forms of life. The interest in (in)visible sculptures of movement and erosion/exposition of Nature/Matter in relation to frequencies that affects bodies/beings. Draws movement related to the under_standing of the multiple/sedimented body (beings of weather) in different contexts, expanding time with space.

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