Stefan D. prowaznik

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Stefan D. prowaznik

Stefan started teaching during the "Goldegg Jams" in 2020, as the need of classes arose in times of Cov. as no official classes were happening, Meanwhile he taught the Intensive of "west meets east" in Fethiye/turkey in april 2022: and travelled and danced a lot in europe..

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Jörg Hassmann, Adrian Russi, Mirva Makinnen, Malcolm Manning, Katja Mustonnen, Matan Levkovic, Frey Faust, Kira Kirsch, Andrew Harwood, Lisbeth Bitto, Juli Gabor,..

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Gregory Chevalier, Ingrid Hörlezeder, Stefan D. prowaznik
Regular Jam
Prana Yogastudio
Wien, Austria