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Sabine Müller is a movement explorer, dancer and facilitator, continuously curious about the bodymind. She lives and works in Vienna as a dance and movement facilitator and a practitioner of holistic bodywork.

Dance has been a constant companion in Sabine’s life since she was five, starting with foundations of ballet and jazz dance and moving on to modern and contemporary dance. During her student years she got to know and love Contact Improvisation and Authentic Movement. Sabine completed the Teachers Training (2012) and Advanced Teachers Training (2015) at the Holistic Dance Institute and graduated from the University of Vienna with a teaching degree in English, Psychology and Philosophy (2012). Her wish to dive more deeply into working with people in an embodied way led to her trainings in Nuad-Thai massage (2014-15) and the Trager® approach (psychophysical integration, 2018 - 2021). From 2011 to 2016, Sabine was a co-organiser of the Contact Festival Austria.

Her current favourite fields of exploration and enjoyment include - the aliveness in the connection to ourselves and other human beings - encounters with the environment (be it urban or foresty) - dancing and being with it - the composition and truth of the moment and - fostering happy nervous systems.

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Sabine Müller
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