Christian Apschner

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Christian Apschner

Christian is co-founder of the Vienna based association rollingpoint and has been dancing Contact Improvisation since 1995. His most important teachers hail from the pioneering days of CI. Inspired by his work as practitioner for bodywork (Trager somatic exploration/movement education, Ortho-Bionomy) he has developed free flowing three-dimensional movement sequences (3-D Flow Movement).

To him dance and performance art are part of an artistic and social life concept and a welcome opportunity to make the invisible visible. He teaches regular CI classes, workshops and intensives in and around Vienna and organizes site-specific participatory projects such as the "Seltsamia" - Dancing Mycelium.

In his free time, Christian spends a lot of time as an amateur mycologist and environmental activist. Due to the negative impact of air traffic on the environment, he decided not to participate in international festivals abroad anymore.

You are very welcome to dance with us in our rollingpoint CI classes, jams and outdoor events in Vienna. For further information please have a look on our website

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Nancy Stark Smith, Danny Lepkoff, Randy Warshaw, Kirstie Simson, Andrew Harwood, Martin Keogh, Nita Little, Lisa Nelson, Barbara Thöner, Inge Kaindlstorfer, .............and not to forget all of my students who taught me how diverse body realities could be and nourished me with trust and commitment