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Бесплатный вход
Бесплатное или участие со скидкой в фестивале, свяканном с КИ


il vostro volontario dovrà pagare solamente il costo del vitto e alloggio ad uno dei nostri ritiri.

Saluti e grazie per il bellissimo lavoro che fate.

Alessandro Papalini


clarification via eck, Alessandro said:


we offered a discount for a retreat. Chose one from the website

For the next retreat from 31 agoust 4 september or 5 september - 9 september your volountair will have to cover only the food expenses, 100 euros + 15 euros to join the association. The cost of the retreat will be free (around 150 euros).
If a voulounteer want to join this retreat tell her/him to subscribe and send me a mail. This offert is not valid for people that already subscribed. The volounter will have also a space/time to expose the CI Global calendar project to the participants.



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Alessandro Papalini
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