Alex Zampini

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Alex Zampini

Alex Zampini is an Italian-born, Berlin-based interdisciplinary artist active in the field of music, film and contemporary dance. He’s been involved with C.I. as a musician since 2012, facilitating a number of jams, festivals, performances and events all around the world.

Contaminated by the consistent variety of the sonic multiverse, he generates instrumental sound sculptures made of electro-acoustic hybrid textures, harmonic dissonances, distorted guitars and stillness. His creative approach is improvisational, based on mutual interaction and (un)poetic and subjective interpretation of set and setting. As a process-oriented animal, his projects are self-generated opportunities to get lost, keep questioning and stay curious, while welcoming transformation and flexibility in the creative equation. As both visual and sound artist he collaborates with humans from different cultural ecosystems, exploring the in-between gaps across disciplines.

Power structures, trance states, civil disobedience and environmental activism are some of the themes that keep Alex engaged in his practice.

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Alfredo Genovesi, Katie Duck

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Alex Zampini, Angela-Mara Florant, David Bloom
Velbert, Germany