Daniele Sardella

сколько лет с начала практики
сколько лет с начала преподавания

I graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 2000 but since 1997 I also dedicate myself to the study of Street Art, Juggling and Balancing; in 2003, to treat some traumas, I come into contact as a patient with the Biotransazionale Method (*), a modern physiotherapeutic approach, and I immediately perceived how the practice of self-stretching exercises on which it is based constitute an efficient training which tends to improve simultaneously the psychophysical well-being and the possibilities and performative qualities. I therefore begin to go deeper into the study of the principles on which it is based and in its practice, and to integrate them with the study of circus techniques.

At the same time I explored and improved my performative skills by attending different courses of Equilibrism (Arial Miluca, Claude Victoria...), of clowns (Rita Pelusio, Jean Meningault, Michelin Vanderpoel...) dance (Claude Coldy, Lucia Latour, Ketty Russo, Simona Fichera, Marta Ciappina, Tom Weksler, Kira Kirsh, Nita Little, Angeljka Donji, Frey Faust), studying theater at the "Fondazione Pontedera Teatro" (2004-2005, Grotowsky physical action method) and working at the Bellucci Aquatic Circus (2005-2006); since 2009 I have been exploring the application of the Biotransational approach to Handstand in Moovement through continuous personal research and by leading classes, laboratories and workshops, initially tutored by Mariarita Cotini and Ketty Russo.

In 2013 I met the Contact Improvisation and since then I study it with passion, and I focus my research on Acrobatic fluidDance and Acrobatic Contact Improvisation, and in particular on Postural Training which at the same time increases the well-being of those who practice and its performative quality.

The interest in my quality of movement and my pedagogy has been increasing in recent years and I have started to hold many workshops in Italy and abroad.

In 2017 I teach Handstand, Acrobatic Fluid Movement and Contact Improvisation also in India (Goa and Mumbai) and in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Yinchuan, Nantong).

In April 2018 I held a one-week workshop at the National Academy of Chinese Theate Arts (Beijing Opera), supported by the Italian Institute of Culture in Beijing (Italian Embassy) where I also presented a performance with 12 dancers chosen among the students. In May 2018 I taught Contact Improvisation at the Ukrainian Festival and I have been on a tour of workshops and performances in this state for the whole month.

From October 2018 I am a resident teacher of Postural Training and Movement (floorwork, Contact Improvisation, Acrobatic Fluid Movement) at the Roman School of Circus.

In December 2018 I created a research group with some students to experiment more in depth with Posture Training on the long run and on a systematic training program.

In January 2018 I created DanSoma, a systematization of Postural Training inspired by the Biotransazionale Method.

(*) The Biotransazionale Method derives from a theoretical model developed by G.F. Brunelli, a western doctor, in the 60s. This model describes the functioning logic of the living being and considers the individual as a synthetic unit (integrated structure of messages), connecting physical, biological and chemical phenomena with psychodynamic ones. The body therefore does not have an intelligence but is an intelligence and the articular movement is conceived as the main factor for maintaining the balance that guarantees well-being.

source: www.danielesardella.com

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