André Stephan

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сколько лет с начала практики
сколько лет с начала преподавания
André Stephan

André dances since over 20 years and worked with over 30 teachers. He never wanted to start teaching, but to keep CI as a holy personal space for himself. In recent years he started teaching when asked for, or in the context of the dancers' village project, which he initiated. André doesn't teach for money, but only for the joy of sharing, and his focus is to dive into even deeper contact and immerse in inner creativity.

значимые учителя
Scott Smith, Bernd Ka, Eckhard Müller, Renate Wehner, Daniel Werner, Rossella Fiumi, Mirva Märkkinen, Kira Kirsch, Johan Nilsson, Malcolm Manning, Filip Wencki, Rochus Schmücker, Roland Mokshia Frenzel, Simone Forti, Manuela Blanchard, Adrian Russi, Ingo Rosenkranz, Muriel Mollet, Matan Lewkovich, Lisa Schmidt, Elske Seidel, Kabiro Eva Scheller, Sophie Costaud, Susanne Martin, and many many more...