Linda Maria

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Linda Maria

Linda Maria has been performing, teaching and researching for more than 20 years in a variety of dance, movement and art forms. Her love for curious, value-free encounters at eye level shows up in her creative projects with people of all ages.

After completing her studies in classical ballet and modern dance, Linda Maria danced in various international projects, including at the Volksoper Wien. Before and ever more intense during her studies, she was concerned with the health-promoting and health-preserving aspect of physical activity, and in particular, any form of dance. Health for her includes the physical as well as the mental and emotional health of the individual and the community. Her research is accompanied by a curiosity for very conscious and alert observation, attentive listening and attentive language.

Her field of activity includes individual accompaniment and group facilitation in Contact Improvisation, WaterDance, Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, Acrobatics, Rope Dance, AwakenBody, BeHold, Aviva-Method, Paintinggame, Conscious Parents - Conscious Children, Musicgame, Facial Harmony, Lomi Romi Kahuna Bodywork, Meridian Massage, CoreFlow and more.

Linda Maria is the founder of the International Dance Festival on the Traunsee, the LiTiEnsembles, the Gaga-Austria Community and the EmBodyment Festival.

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