Eric Nordstrom

United States
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Eric Nordstrom

ERIC NORDSTROM is a dance performer, filmmaker, and teacher living in Portland, Oregon. He teaches in the Dance Program at Lewis and Clark College and has taught Contact Improvisation at contact festival Freiburg in Germany, the Seattle Festival of Dance Improvisation, and Conduit Dance in Portland, OR
Eric has performed with Karen Nelson, Keith V. Goodman, and was a core company member of Oslund + Company. To help preserve Portland dance history, Eric created a documentary film Moving History: Portland Contemporary Dance Past and Present. To centralize and preserve dance history source material, Eric has partnered with Portland State University to create the Portland Dance Archives. He studied with filmmaker Mitchell Rose and choreographer Bebe Miller at The Ohio State University, where he earned his MFA in Dance.

значимые учителя
Nancy Stark Smith, Karen Nelson, Daniel Lepkoff, Andrea Olsen, Simone Forti, Bebe Miller, Susan Kline