Nuria Bowart

United States
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Nuria Bowart

Nuria has been dancing her whole life. Her relationship to movement and music is professional, personal and therapeutic. Nuria was introduced to Contact Improvisation by Neige Christenson in 1990. She studied on the east coast with master improvisers such as Nancy Stark Smith, David Zambrano and Andrew Harwood until 1995 when she moved to Colorado, where she continued her Contact Studies with Adjoa Lemeuix and Gretchen Spiro. In 1998, after graduating from the Rolf Institute, Nuria moved to the Bay Area to begin her practice as a Rolfer and continued her studies and teaching of Capoeira and dance. During her 25 years in the Bay Area, Nuria also performed with movement masters such as Kim Epifano, Keith Terry, Bira Almeida, Scott Wells and many others. In 2001, Nuria Graduated as a Professora of Capoeira under the tutelage of Mestre’s Acordeon, Ra and Suelly. She is now a Contra Mestra of Capoeira and enjoys bringing her knowledge of the body into the world of martial arts and dance. Nuria began her studies of the Axis Syllabus in 2009 with Kira Kirsch. Nuria teaches from the Axis Syllabus and also certifies teachers of the Axis Syllabus: offering workshops locally and around the world. In 2021 Nuria moved to Vermont to co-found The Field Center: a space for interdisciplinary arts practices, where she currently resides and teaches.

значимые учителя
Nancy Stark Smith, Andrew Harwood, Neige Christenson, Adjoa Lemeuix, and Gretchen Spiro.