Catalin Diaconu

сколько лет с начала практики
сколько лет с начала преподавания
Catalin Diaconu

In 2015 I discovered Contact Improvisation, which has been my main movement and

dance practice since then. From 2017 I started teaching, alone and in collaboration with

other teachers Contact Improvisation classes. This practice and study culminated in

2019, a year dedicated entirely to the performance and research of this dance form. I

participated and held classes in international Contact Improvisation festivals (India,

Thailand, Ukraine, Ireland) and I was part of the organizing team of the Contact

Improvisation festival in Bucharest.


значимые учителя
Virginia Negru, Sveta Pashko, Cyrus Khambatta, Sergey Golovnea and Alexandra Soshnicova, Steve Batts, Scott Wells, Malcolm Manning, Sasha Dodo, Kira Kirsch and Antoine Ragot.

This teacher will teach in this events

Catalin Diaconu, Jurij Konjar, Nica Portavia, Olivia Court Mesa & Yochai Ginton, Semichev Sergey, Sergio Palomares, Virginia Negru, Violeta Matiushenco
Eugène Ionesco National Theatre
Chisinau, Moldova