Diana Pinto

сколько лет с начала практики
сколько лет с начала преподавания
Diana Pinto

She began his studies in Dance at Annarella – Academia de Ballet e Dança, Leiria. She graduated in Dance at the Escola Superior de Dança, completing a Bachelor's degree in Italy, at the Academia Nazionelle di Danza di Roma, through the Erasmus program. During her training she participated in several dance competitions, having won several prizes. As a professional dancer, she worked with several companies and choreographers, with national and international tours, among which stand out Daniel Cardoso, Gonçalo Lobato and Patrícia Henriques. As a freelancer, she integrated and collaborated in the projects “Visio-spatial vectors of zero velocity” (post-doctoral project of Prof. Dr. Alejandro Laguna, Portugal – Argentina); in Theater-Musical projects, Circus, Flashmobs, Videoclips, Films, among others. On education, teaches Classical and Contemporary Dance Techniques, valuing the sharing and exchange of experiences with his students, as a way to support his own growth as an artist and person. She continues her artistic activity, alongside teaching and ongoing training, in partnership with other dance professionals (one of whom is Ricardo Flores). At the same time, he has been discovering himself in the area of ​​Contact Improvisation and practicing this movement technique in Workshops and Festivals, which is why he is working to promote the practice of this technique in the Center region of the country, in partnership with Pedro Magalhães (technical practitioner). On a choreographic level, “Corpus Vibratum” is the first project that he launches individually for a group of performers, outside the educational field, and where he intends to develop his practice.

значимые учителя
Daniel Cardoso, Andrew Wass, Tom Weklser, David Zambrano, Roberto Olivan