Michael Moritz Water CI

сколько лет с начала практики
сколько лет с начала преподавания
Michael Moritz Water CI

(only) CI in Water ¦  Water Contact Impro Dance

My Background:

  • Contact Impro since 2012
    Participate in many CI Festivals & Workshops (Switzerland, Germany, Thailand, Bali) - Practice CI Jam’s regularly

  • CI in Water:
    Since 2016 I practice CI in Water and since 2020 I facilitate my own Water Contact Impro Dance Groupe Jam’s, teach beginner’s, introducing and space-holding these Groupe Events, Feedback-Culture, adjusting individual important details like “Touch-Energy-Qualities”, movements, “Groupe-Energy Field-Influence”, simple things like the speed of moving, respectful and conscious Touch/ Encounters

  • I did many Workshops in the Aquatic Bodywork - World like:
    Aquatic Bodywaves Modules, Dance yourself deep and other single Workshops from Manou Blanchard (she is even very CI experienced)  ¦  Watsu (Water Shiatsu) Wata (Water Dance)  ¦  Aqua Release,  Aguahara, Aqua Tantra (Combination from Skydancing Tantra and Healing Dance) Ocean Dance, Water Flow etc.

  • Weekly, often daily training of "CI in Water Self-Dancing" with Floats and Nose Clip; I practice and work out my skills with passion and love - still yet it's never boring, even after 5-7 hours in the water

  • A lot of Water & Breath - Experience with Apnea / Freediving and earlier Scuba-Diving-Instructor Training (1500+ Scuba Dive’s, tousends of Free-Dive's)

  • Since 2012 I practice Dance & Meditation (CI, 5 Rhythm, Ecstatic Dance etc.) In around 15 intensive 3 to 6 days - 5R-Workshops I assisted the Teacher’s

  • Meditation practice in daily Life since 2009

  • Vipassana and other Retreats

  • Intuitive Presence YearTraining (Shamanic Backgrounds) from Darrel Combs
значимые учителя
Manuela Blanchard Ingo Rosenkranz Benno Enderlein Many other's from the festivals and workshops around the world