Abhilash Ningappa

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Abhilash Ningappa

Abhilash Ningappa is a highly recognized performer, choreographer and teacher both in India and internationally. As the Founder and Artistic Director of Play Practice Artists Residency in India, Abhilash has graduated from SEAD (Salzburg) and Post Masters in APASS (Advanced performance and scenography studies, Belgium). In addition, he is a trained yoga practitioner and martial arts teacher with expertise in kalari payattu and contemporary dance.

He has choreographed several works, among which "Architect of Self Destruction" has received the Pecda award. Adhilash has taught in various dance studios across the world and he has extensive experience in teaching Story Boarding workshops and "Embodying critical situation," an intensive movement practice based on the principles of martial arts. He also offers Improvisation and composition workshops focused on performance as a practice.

Abhilash has been organizing the Play Practice Apprenticeship program and Yoga Practice teachers training program for the past five years. In 2019, he launched the first Fight Practice martial arts workshop and organizes yearly residencies for artists in India.

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