Marisa Cecchetti

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Marisa Cecchetti

Graduated in Physics, Marisa has practiced various types of dance during her life.
At the moment she dances contact improvisation and deep water contact improvisation. As a child she liked to be in the water. She is an expert scuba diver and freediver.

In 2014 she tried to dance deep underwater at the deepest pool in the world, Y-40, and that was the beginning of a new kind of research in movements. Marisa has written a book with the results of her research: “Deep water motion manual“.
In 2015 she received a special award from the European Dive exhibition for the first video she made: Inediti Y-40.
On March 2016 Marisa was one of the testimonials of the launch of the book “Blue Mind” (W. J. Nichols) from an important Italian publisher.
On June 2017 Marisa was contacted by Depeche Mode staff to be in their official web site and FB page for the inspiration that their music has given to her for the first deep underwater dance.
On March 2018 Marisa received an Award as best dancer from Geo Film Festival for her video “Underwater Salt Pier dance in Bonaire Island”.
On March 2019 she won the Eudi Movie Contest for action cam.
She is a freediver instructor.
Every year she organize the Deep Water Dance Festival and Ferrara Contact events.

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