Ema Weixler

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Ema is a cultural anthropologist and dancer with a passion for contact improvisation and contemporary dance. She explores the dimensions of playfulness, detachment, and imagery in her dance and somatic research. Drawn by the beauty of life and the simplicity of being, Ema learns through direct experience, exploring the senses, the body, and the essence of humanity. With over two decades of experience in dance, including practicing Contact Improvisation since 2016 and contemporary dance since 2003, Ema has also become certified in the Ilan Lev method, Ilan Lev movement, and practitioner of Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg. Holding a degree in culturology and social anthropology, she brings a richer understanding of movement within broader cultural and social contexts. Ema's diverse expertise and passion for exploration create a nurturing environment for participants to delve into the joy of movement and self-discovery.

значимые учителя
Yaniv Mintzer, Angelika Doniy, Asaf Bachrach, Charlie Morrissey, Nita Little, Malcolm Manning, Ray Chung, Michele Marchesani, Jurij Konjar, Leonardo Lambruschini and others