Daniel Hayes

United States
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Daniel Hayes

I’m the founder of the Touch&Play Project, which started as an exploration into the Chemistry and edges of Contact Improvisation and has slowly morphed into an international network of dancers and movers researching the Relational Body. By training I’m a Medical Doctor, public health scientist but in real life a social entrepreneur, eco-anarchist and practical idealist. I’ve been playing, dancing, meditating and conversing CI for nearly two decades and actively sharing my curiosity and knowledge and doubts for the past ten years. Through artistic and academic research I hope to highlight the potential of CI as a tool to create authentic connections with oneself, the other and the group by bringing in infinite play, NVC, embodied consent, BDSM, spirituality, conscious sexuality, somatic mindfulness and more.

Significant teachers
Felix Ruckert, Martin Keogh, Betty Martin, Taita Floro