Aude Fondard

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Aude Fondard

Aude Fondard lives as a dancer, poet and translator. Coming from the acting world, she trained in contemporary dance and quickly opened up to Contact Improvisation. Her approach to movement and composition is much influenced by contemporary dance and butoh. She has been learning from dancers and improvisers using a lot of floor work, dynamics and yoga, and a strong mindset (Stella Zannou, Rakesh Sukesh, Atsushi Takenouchi, Minako Seki). She worked in multiple productions before creating her poetic performances, combining text and movement. Now based in Marseilles, France, she facilitates a monthly Contact Improvisation jam and appears as a guest teacher or workshop teacher at various festivals (Inside/Outside influences, Butoh workshop; Smell & Dance, The landscape and I, Get your Beast out, Contact Improvisation sessions in nature; The Listening bodies, together with Jo Bruhn on the mutuality of movement in CI.)

Significant teachers
Katie Duck, Jules Beckman, Konstantinos Gerardos, Elske Seidel, Daniel Werner, Anjelika Doniy, Jo Bruhn

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Aude Fondard
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Marseille, France