Simonetta Allesandri


Dancer, choreographer and teacher that lives and works in London. She obtained the PG Diploma in Choreography at LCDS, the T.C. at R.A.D® and she is a qualified teacher of the Feldenkrais® Method. Simonetta teaches at Laban Center,Goldsmiths University, London Contemporary Dance School, Independent Dance and Birkbeck University. She collaborated as a dancer and choreographer with manyCompanies in Italy for Dance, Theatre, Site Specific and her work has been show in Italy, UK, Turkey, Colombia and Japan. Since 1999 MDA has been produced her choreography. She taught for more than 20 years in Italy and kept C.I. alive in Roma for 10 years with her classes and jams. She founded the organization Roma contact and she supported the development of CI in Italy. She has been a guest teacher in Germany, Colombia, Norway, Israel, France, Italy,Taiwan and in well-known dance institutions such as Tanzfabrik Berlin, CNDN Angers and IALS Rome. She is a member of S.o.F.T., a collective researching and creating improvisedperformances.