Ricardo Flores

Beginn Deiner CI Praxis (Jahr)
Beginn als CI Lehrer*in (Jahr)
Ricardo Flores

Mexican dancer and choreographer with a degree in contemporary dance and experience in theater. He has collaborated with several dance companies and several national and international theater directors (Cía. Estatal de Danza Contemporanea de Oaxaca, National Ballet of Mexico, Project Mexico-NY). He was invited as a dancer in 1998 for the Pam American Theater in Glover (Vermont) , USA), and in 2000 for Peter Schumann's Bread and Pupets Circus, in New York, USA. Still in the USA, he later worked as a choreographer with the Companhia 360ºDance Company (2010-2012) and in Spain with the company LarumbeDanza de Madrid (2011). He worked as main choreographer for the company Aletheia Cuerpo Escénicodo Mexico, where he performed more than 40 choreographies. Between 1993 and 2014, he won several awards and recognitions, among which the NacionalJóvenes Creadores del FONCA (National Fund for Culture and the Arts) stands out. In 2015 he moved to Portugal where he has worked until the present as a teacher and choreographer at the Annarella Sanchez International Ballet and Dance Conservatory, carrying out several projects and already having several choreographies awarded in competitions such as: DanceWorld Cup, DançarteAlgarve International Dance Competition, LeiriaDance Competition, YouthAmerican Grand Prix, Varna International Ballet Competition.

Bedeutende CI Lehrer*innen
Several teachers during is career