Minori Nagai

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Minori Nagai

Born in Japan 1983, Minori started her ballet training at the age of 6, and studied contemporary dance in BA dance degree at Middlesex University (UK) from 2003 to 2006. Since 2007, Minori become a member of a performing arts project named AAPA, and have been creating and performing in various locations. Minori participated in Tokyo CI festival organized by C.I.N.N. in 2007 and became a member to support its annual festival in 2008.

While working with different choreographers and artists, Minori have been activly teaching her class and workshops both for children and adults. Based on “Hinodecho Danchi Studio” in Kitasenjyu Tokyo since 2013, Minori have been exploring and developing movement class program with Ryuhei Uemoto, in which anyone can access and deepen their own body and dance.

Minori Nagai and Ryuhei Uemoto have been teaching regular classes and CI workshops as well as hosting CI lab, jams, workshops from different disciplines such as martial arts, theater, mask and juggling by collaborating with various artists. they have been invited to “Asia Pacific Impro! 2” in Malaysia (2015), "Touch" CI festival in China (2018) and "Water and Land Contact Festival" in Thailand (2019).

My interest is to explore and deepen "the quality of softness" in movements between the self and others.

Maestros significativos
Nina Martin, Andrew Wass