Nadja El Eid

Année de début de pratique
Année de début d'enseignement
Nadja El Eid

contemporary dance has inspired and accompany me in my life in many ways - 2011 I discovered the love for contact improvisation as a spacious research space. The motivation and joy of teaching CI is to transfer the experience of dance as a resource accessible to all. On the basis of my therapeutic advanced training and current training as a Hakomi therapist interests me the overlapping sphere of dance, art and life practice. I like to research how we connect mind and body. to learn to understand better- to find more choices and self-determination beyond automatisms- Allowing us to be instead of having to become all the time...................whatever this is for us

Enseignants-es importants-es
Bernd Knappe, Jörg Hassmann, Daniel Werner, Angela Doniy, Heike Pourian, .........many more