Angela-Mara Florant

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Angela-Mara Florant

Angela-Mara Florant - Germany Angela-Mara Florant had her first experience with CI during her performence arts studies in Besançon, France. In 2005 she moved to Hamburg. She teaches several regular contact classes, gives workshops and organizes jams and festivals (NORDTANZ Festival). Since 2015, she is co- director of the dance studio “Triade” in Hamburg. When Angela-Mara is not dancing or teaching contact she is teaching Pilates, directing independent theater productions, choreographing dance pieces (mostly based on CI) and teaching theater and dance to children. For me CI is an art form. I love allowing my dance to be inspired by the composition of the room. CI opens up space, Space within me and outside of me, Creative space unfolding. I enjoy looking at movement from an anatomical perspective and at the same time love the playful unfolding of stories that can occur while dancing CI. Over and over again finding and reinventing myself while continuously rediscovering and uncovering new aspects of the form are my favorite subjects of my ongoing research.

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