pénélope laurent-noye

Anno d'inizio della pratica
Anno d'inizio dell'insegnamento
pénélope laurent-noye

My name is Pénélope Laurent-Noye a.k.a les frontalières. I was born in Lyon (Fr) in 1988. I am a practitioner in the arts of attention, improvisation, contact-improvisation, trained in the field of dancemaking and contemplative practices. 

I took my first Contact-Improvisation class at the age of 15 as part of the contemporary dance curriculum at the CNSMD (high school in dance) in Paris, and at the age of 16 I first dove into a jam at the 'studio Multitude' in Paris. My first experience of 'new year's jam' in Bordeaux (organised by Mari Siles-Segarra & Co) when I was 17 left me with a special feeling, and it was also on this occasion in 2005 that I met the teachings of Patricia Kuypers & Franck Beaubois, which sparked the impulse to start exploring improvised practices more intensively.

From 2006 I moved towards a sustained exploration of contact-improvisation and improvisation/instant composition, by receiving teachings from many dance improvisers and by joining artistic collectives and projects rooted in improvised / performative practices, in Paris, Dordogne, Brittany, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Alsace, Lorraine, Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Croatia, Romania. In 2009 I started teaching dance improvisation to groups of children and adults in Paris, then in Brussels, Concepción (Chile), Lyon, etc.

I started to facilitate the co-generation of spaces and events for contact-improvisation practices in 2014.

Over the past decade and to this day, in order to question and nurture my practice in improvisation/CI, I was initiated to a wide variety of contemplative, creative, somatic and investigative approaches having as a common denominator to place lived, embodied, situated experience at the heart of the work.