Rosa Lina Lima

Puerto Rico
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Rosa Lina Lima

Rosa Lina Lima is a Puerto Rican Contemporary dancer, Bomba “bailadora”, Dance and French teacher, among other things. She has performed dance and physical theater professionally since 1995 in Puerto Rico and abroad. In the 90's, she was introduced to CI by Gloria Llompart (the artist who brought the CI practice to Puerto Rico). Rosa Lina completed an MFA in Dance from Arizona State University (ASU), where she took Ideokinesis and the Feldenkrais Method as part of the program. Back in Puerto Rico, she participated in an intensive workshop created by Myrna Renaud titled "La voz que sana"©mrm1997-2019 (The healing voice), a structure that includes sound and movement improvisations, and “soneo”, a traditional art form of vocalization from the Caribbean cultures. She is currently one of the coordinators of Danza Contacto Puerto Rico (DCPR), collaborating in group efforts to disseminate the practice of CI, representing the CI community from the Island when they go to festivals abroad, and developing explorations on the complementary aspects of CI and Salsa dancing.