Nina Radovanovic

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Anno d'inizio dell'insegnamento
Nina Radovanovic

I am a dancer, a yogini, a human and a mermaid :) After completing my formal education in Languages, I continued to educate myself, primarily by traveling and encountering new cultures, new people, and new experiences.
I have been practicing various forms of movement throughout my life. Twelve years ago in India, I discovered the internal practices of yoga and meditation. Since then, I have studied and practiced diverse bodywork techniques from Thai and Ayurvedic traditions, having learned from international masters in Asia. Through these somatic practices, I came to contact improvisation, which has allowed me to observe my mind-body connection in a totally new way.
I discovered CI during a contact festival in Goa only recently, in 2016, but I fell in love with it at first touch. Soon after, I was running all over Europe in order to attend classes, workshops, and festivals, and meet important teachers.
When I moved back to Belgrade I just wanted to dance, so I started giving classes in 2018. I organized jams and workshops with foreign guests, first very timidly, and then, frantically. I was eager to infect others with this gorgeous dance form, so that I myself would be able to dance. It warms my heart to see that this small group, originally only a handful of people, has matured into a wonderful contact community that is constantly growing.
CI finally brought me to water, where I rediscovered my essence through Aguahara treatments and water dance which I have been exploring as Vu Ava (Slavic Water Goddess – the name that I choose to reconnect with my Slavic roots).
I teach yoga and contact improvisation classes in Belgrade, and organize yoga dance retreats in Europe as part of the MOVE2Collective.

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