Monica Morselli

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Monica Morselli

CI teacher, DanceAbility Teacher (Alito Alessi, USA), Dance Therapist (APID), expert in Pedagogy of Music (CEMB). I started my dance practice in the 80s (ballet, contemporary, baroque dance), deepening it abroad (UK, France, USA). In the last 7 years I focused my interest on CI and dance improvisation. Since many years I promote projects of dance / movement for all ages and abilities, cooperating with private and public Institutes, Associations, dance research centres, and DanceAbility International. Today I'm particularly interested towards the possibility of all bodies to improvise through the development of perception, listening, awareness.

Insegnanti significativi
Urs Stauffer, Roberto Lun, Katerina Erickson,Nita Little, Lisa Nelson, Peter Pleyer, Ezter Gàl, Alito Alessi, Jess Curtis, Adam Benjamin, Scott Wells