Jakob Maché

Anno d'inizio della pratica
Anno d'inizio dell'insegnamento
Jakob Maché

I was born in Vienna. I spent many years in Berlin and Nigeria as academic staff. Since 2012, I have been teaching workshops in contact improvisation in Austria, France, Germany, Nigeria (Trufesta Festival), Benin, and Togo (Nikaala Festival). I have been performing at at varios occasions. Recent collaborations involve Michael Schmacke/Fake Masters in venues like MicaMoca or Tacheles, Mex Schlüpfer at the Volksbühne Berlin, Lynda Ait Amer (Berlin)  and Illuminate Theatre (Lagos, Nigeria).

In my recent teaching, I try to share the intense experience my body absorved from staying four years in a place where there was no other white person than me, paired with what I learned from observing the use of bodies in West-African culture, combining it from my somatic experience which is heavily influenced by Nancy's work, Butoh, Authentic Movement, material for the spine. I am increasingly interested to explore and develop scores. All these techniques, I offer as tools to unravel the magic of dancing beyond the hetero duet-bubble.

Insegnanti significativi
Amos Hetz, Adalisa Menghini, Nancy Stark Smith, Sara Shelton Mann, Jörg Hassmann, Nita Little, Christine Mauch, Anzhelika Doni, Minako Seki, Natsu Nakajima, Hanna Hegenscheidt, Susan Klein, Yuko Kaseki, Scott Smith, Seisaku, Rianto, Masaki Iwana, Barbara Santos