Anir Leben

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Anir Leben

Anir Leben

is a Berlin based teacher and performer in Improvisation, Contact Improvisation and Music, esp. Voice. She received her graduation in dance, improvisation and performance at TIP, bewegungsart Freiburg 2013 and enrichened her knowledge in music and dance as a guest-student for Rhythmik at the UDK Berlin.

Stageworks as a dancer involve the „You and me - Project“ and „You have to“ which were both showcased in Freiburg in 2013/2014. She has given workshops, classes and one-on-ones around the globe and in Dance Festivals for the past 9 years. In 2016, she founded the ScoreJAM Berlin, a format for contemporary dancers to come together and practice improvisation in contact and in solo. She worked and tought classes and workshops in different venues and settings, such as Marameo and Tanzfabrik and in the professional dance-education at danceworks berlin.

Currently she hosts different conscious events within the wider spectrum of Dance, Music, Ritual and Community. Most recent is the successful creation "AbunDance", a conscious dancewave inspired by 5-Rhythms. In her teaching and spaceholding, she highlights the improvising mind and the intelligently exploring body that is naturally released and ready if we let it. She encourages curiosity, self-responsibility and the investigative approach of each individual.

Since she discovered and fell in a life-changing love with CI in 2007 she has been training and (co-)working with:



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