Alexa Papa

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Alexa Papa

Dancer, IC facilitator and visual artist, interested in interior-exterior dialogue, body, consciousness, relationship with space and environment. Born in Romania in 1985, he graduated in Art from the University of Art (2008) and discovered his love for dance first through video and photography. Her first encounter with Contact Improvisation (CI) took place about 7 years ago, which allowed for a new space and understanding of the body and movement. IC became the main focus of her life and constant and continuous research in practice. She has been exploring dance also through different movement approaches such as Contemporary Dance, Butoh, Axis Syllabus, Ideokinesis, Authentic Movement and others. In 2022 she graduated from FAIIC at Instável – Centro Coreográfica, a program focused on Creation and Choreography. Her current interest is presence and authenticity as a relational being in motion and in the collaboration of the creative arts,

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Alexa Papa, Jo Bruhn, Rita Vilhena
Armazém da Dança - CPBC
Lisboa, Portugal