Violeta Matiushenco

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Violeta Matiushenco

Dancer, performer, choreographer, and teacher, who specializes in Contact Improvisation and Contemporary dance styles.

Her work revolves around improvisation, movement research, and contact improvisation techniques. She has honed her skills as a choreographer by attending festivals of contemporary dance and other similar platforms that offer movement research and laboratories.

"I am passionate about organic movement; the art of talking through the body. I enjoy working in groups and pairs, and I aim to create performances that evoke emotions, thoughts, and various states within the viewer.

I love dance in all its manifestations with all my heart."


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Ruslan Baranov, Benno Voorham, Sergey Golovni, Alexandra Soshnikova, Ester Gall, Angelika Doniy, Thomas Metler, Kristina Shishkareva, Anna Ozerskaya, Inna Falkova and others

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Catalin Diaconu, Jurij Konjar, Nica Portavia, Olivia Court Mesa & Yochai Ginton, Semichev Sergey, Sergio Palomares, Virginia Negru, Violeta Matiushenco
Eugène Ionesco National Theatre
Chisinau, Moldova