Olek Wójcik

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Olek Wójcik

I am a freelance physical artist, born in Poland and raised in Northern Ireland. My curiosity granted me to travel in search of connections between different sustainable art forms and cultures. In 2012 I dedicated myself to training in my field of passion, which began with Parkour. With great hunger for more I continued my journey in other practices to continue expanding my movement vocabulary, Capoeira, Acrobatics, Circus, Martial arts, contact improvisation. Dance and performance inspired me to study human behavior and interaction. I discovered my passion to share movement, to inspire people to live life daring to follow their instincts and overcome their obstacles, by building confidence with body & mind and connecting with their surroundings.

I first started facilitating movement and body expression to children back in 2014, allowing me to grow my teaching skills and continue living the playful side of life.

Contact became a thing for me in 2018 after my first intensives and festivals (ukraine&Ireland&Romania), where I felt I connected strongly to the artform, I fell in love with the potential of the flights and landings with more than one person. 

Finding the multi transforming floor in the dance that allow us to do things we cannot possibly do alone became a quest for me and there for I jumped on the contact train.

I organised my first retreat in Turekey in 2019 and traveled across many festivals and gatherings. 

Since 2021 I've been hosting weekly classes and jams in Tenerife and began organisng our camp C.I. Into Nature.


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