Christian Lechner

Année de début de pratique
Année de début d'enseignement
Christian Lechner

After some years of Capoeira Angola, WingTsun, Yoga and Improvisation Dance, Christian joined 2008 a Contact Jam and felt in love with this artful, acrobatic, soft and gentle, sometimes wild unknown dance and communication form. Since 2015 he is teaching Contact Improvisation and Authentic Movement in Vienna.

Main research: What is an Authentic Dance? How can we find and develop all our qualities in the dance and therefore in life itself? Cooperative, confrontative, connected, real.

Besides of that he teaches Non Violenct or Authentic Communication and lives in a community project close to Vienna.

Enseignants-es importants-es
Anya Cloud, Sabin Parzer, Nancy Stark Smith, Malcom Manning, Sabine x, Christian Apschner, Matan Levkovich, ...