Paweł konior

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Paweł konior

performer, mover,teacher.
After graduating Academy of Physical Education and Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, Paweł has been working in the fields of performing arts in Holland, Belgium, Poland as a dancer and performer for several years.
Tomasz Wygoda, Pedro Goucha, Einat Tuchman, More Shani, T.R.A.S.H company, Ugo Dehaes, Andrzej Marczewski, Gosia Haduch, Rita Vilhena, Iwona Olszowska is only few that he worked with.
His sport background had a big impact on his way of moving and teaching where improvisation is intertwined with technique and fun.
Paweł has a specific and organic way of working, with a lot of playfulness, spontaneity, creating environment for people to learn and adapt to constantly changing situations, which allows them to nourish their true potential.His  work is influenced by fighting monkey practise, martial arts, contact improvisation, tai chi.
He was teaching contact improvisation in Poland- Warsaw Flow, Cyrkulacje, Izrael- Contact Festival, Holland- Contact Festival, Berlin, Lisbon, Tavira, Freiburg, Insbruck, Vienna
„We are never in balance…searching for harmony and balance  is a constant process.“
Contact improvisation is for me a form of listening at the highest speed and being completely empty – means ready for unknown. An emptiness from which everything revels and everything is possible. We learn to move together, resonating with everything that is around us. We do not think about what was and will be, but we are in what is – here and now – with all that serounds us.

Insegnanti significativi
Ray Chung, Iwona Olszowska, Jorg Hassman, Daniel Werner, Pedro Gomes, Mirva Makinnen , Katja Mustonen, Yaniv Mintzner, Jozef Frucek.

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Hugh Stanier, Juliane Bacher, Muriel Jeanne Mollet, Paweł konior, Sarah Herr
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Stuttgart, Germany